Each patient and his or her story is uniquely different. Why shouldn't treatments then be equally individualized?

Dr. St. John begins consultations with an hour long comprehensive evaluation and creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient considering the patient's unique biology, psychological strengths and challenges, social environment, and treatment goals. Psychotropic genetic testing is routinely ordered via saliva sample collection in the office. Genetic testing can help guide Dr. St. John in determining which medications and at which doses may work best, taking some of the trial and error out of the medication selection process.

Treatments recommended may include psychiatric medication(s), dietary supplements, psychotherapy (counseling), or a procedure such as ECT (electroconvulsive or shock therapy), TMS (transcranial magnetic therapy), or ketamine infusions. Dr. St. John primarily sees patients for evaluations, consultations, and routine medication management visits. She also performs TMS in her office. When counseling or another procedure is recommended, she will provide a referral and work collaboratively with the other provider.

Dr. St. John is a general psychiatrist. She treats all adult psychiatric patients over the age of 18. Her particular areas of interest are treatment resistant depression and ADHD. Learn more about us